…quirky floral seating plans!


So simple, so fresh, so chilled out – yet so beautiful!! I love, love, LOVE how this gorgeous seating plan uses all-sorts and sizes of glass jars and bottles filled with what looks like a meadowful of wild flowers to tell guests where to sit at this quirky wedding. My favourite part though… each guest then gets to bring their own personal ‘vase’ to their table which creates a burst of colour and wonderfully eclectic table-centers when everyone’s is in place! If you’re feeling really generous, let your guests bring them home with them to remind them of your fabulous party! x

Flowers by Modern Day Design in Santa Barbara, CA, Photos by Max Wanger, via www.oncewed.com



About Mrs. Ruby:

Flowers are my absolute passion – nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by beautiful petals and blooms, especially when working with clients to create different, unusual and personal designs for their celebrations. It's wonderful to see a creation come to life and realise how a flower's natural beauty adds a special dimension to any decoration or space. For more information on Ruby and Bloom, please visit our website.


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